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Entry  Thu Oct 4 20:50:36 2012, Zach Miller, DRS5 
    Reply  Thu Oct 4 20:59:18 2012, Stefan Ritt, DRS5 
       Reply  Thu Oct 4 21:07:27 2012, Zach Miller, DRS5 
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Author: Stefan Ritt 
Subject: DRS5 

Zach Miller wrote:


Our group had previously heard that a "DRS-5.0" might be on the horizon and that it may have ethernet capabilities as well as 16-input channels (we heard this when ordering the DRS-4). Is this still in the works and accurate information? If so, is there a rough estimate to the "release date?"

Thanks for your time,

Zach Miller

You mix up two things: The DRS5 chip is a new device with improved samling speed (10 GSPS) and lower dead time. This chip might come in 2-3 years. The 16-input board you mentioned is a DAQ board based on the DRS4 chip. This board well be operational beginning of 2013 as a prototype. It is not clear however at this point in which way this board will be made available for public. Maybe we will license this to industry. The design is however pretty much defined: 16 channels with gain 0.1-100, 1 GHz Bandwidth, Gigabit Ethernet output, and multi-board capabilities. Trigger on each channel with logical combinations. 80 MSPS continuous sampling (in addition to the DRS4 sampling). Each channel can be biased 0-210 V for SiPMT or APD power. A 19" 3 HE crate will host 16 boards with 256 channels.


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