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Entry  Mon Oct 19 11:26:29 2009, Jinhong Wang, output common mode voltage of DRS4 
    Reply  Mon Oct 19 12:46:12 2009, Stefan Ritt, output common mode voltage of DRS4 
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Author: Jinhong Wang 
Subject: output common mode voltage of DRS4 
Hello Mr. Stifan.Ritt
       In the DSR4 datasheet, it is mentioned that there is an additional buffer at each analog output, this buffer shifts the the differential range of -0.5V~0.5V to 0.8V~1.8V. Does it mean that this buffer shifts a voltage of about 1.3V for the primary differential range? 
       Again for the differential range of -0.5V~0.5V, can the common mode voltage of the analog output at OUT+/OUT-  be chaned? In the example presented in the datasheet, OUT+ is 0.8V~1.8V and OUT- is 1.8V~0.8V. So for an output swing of 2V p-p, can the common mode voltage be modified to the desired value? Supposed that the input ranges from -0.5V~0.5V.
     Thank you!
                                             Jinhong Wang
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