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Entry  Wed Jan 14 12:02:04 2009, Stefan Ritt, External Trigger Input requirements tap.jpg
    Reply  Wed Jan 14 13:41:44 2009, Stefan Ritt, External Trigger Input requirements 
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Author: Stefan Ritt 
Subject: External Trigger Input requirements 

Several people mentioned that the external trigger input (TTL) does not work on the DRS4 Evaluation Board Rev. 1.1. This is not true. The requirement however is that the input signal must exceed approximately 1.8V. Since the input is terminated with 50 Ohms, not all TTL drivers may deliver enough current to exceed this threshold. To verify this, the trigger signal can be monitored with an oscilloscope at test point J24. Only if the input signal exceeds 1.8V, the signal will be seen at J24 and correctly trigger the FPGA. If the TTL driver is too weak, the termination resistor R9 can be optionally removed, but care should then be taken that reflections in the trigger input do not cause double triggers. The locations of the tap point for the input signal, the termination resistor R9 and the tap point J24 after the input level converter U5 are shown in this image:


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