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Entry  Thu Dec 6 09:23:36 2012, Martin Petriska, EVM rev4 board trigger change and drs_example 
    Reply  Fri Dec 14 21:49:29 2012, Stefan Ritt, EVM rev4 board trigger change and drs_example 
Message ID: 211     Entry time: Fri Dec 14 21:49:29 2012     In reply to: 204
Author: Stefan Ritt 
Subject: EVM rev4 board trigger change and drs_example 

Martin Petriska wrote:

 I switched from rev 3 to rev 4 board, but have some problems with triggering, board is now waiting for trigger (rev.3 is working). How to do in drs_exam.cpp for example triggering on Ch0 && CH1 ?

Software 4.0.0, windows version.

Here is old trigger initialisation: 



b->SetTriggerLevel(0.25, false);



Btw. Is it possible to set up different trigger Levels for each channel ?


(If there is some interest here is my code in Qt, still aplha) http://sourceforge.net/p/qtpals/code

Sorry the late reply.

In V4, triggering has changed. You can trigger now on an OR or AND of channels. Therefore you have to supply a bitmask, where the 1st bit = CH1, 2nd bit = CH2 and so on. Have a look at the most recent drs_exam. It contains code:


   /* use following lines to enable hardware trigger on CH1 at 50 mV positive edge */
   if (b->GetBoardType() == 8) {     // Evaluaiton Board V4 
      b->EnableTrigger(1, 0);           // enable hardware trigger
      b->SetTriggerSource(1<<0);        // set CH1 as source
   } else {                          // Evaluation Board V3
      b->EnableTrigger(0, 1);           // lemo off, analog trigger on
      b->SetTriggerSource(0);           // use CH1 as source

So if you want CH1 && CH2, you look at the source code of SetTriggerSource. It contains


      // Set trigger configuration
   // OR  0=CH1, 1=CH2, 2=CH3, 3=CH4, 4=EXT
   // AND 8=CH1, 9=CH2, 10=CH3, 11=CH4, 12=EXT


So an AND between CH1 and CH2 needs a

    b->SetTriggerSource(1<<8 | 1<<9);

Your code looks interesting. Do you have a screenshot or can you explain what it does? 

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