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Entry  Wed Feb 13 16:58:40 2013, Martin Petriska, Nonuniform sampling 
    Reply  Wed Feb 13 17:03:53 2013, Stefan Ritt, Nonuniform sampling 
Message ID: 217     Entry time: Wed Feb 13 16:58:40 2013     Reply to this: 218
Author: Martin Petriska 
Subject: Nonuniform sampling 

 Are there any plans to include reconstruction of nonuniform sampling  in DRS4 to get uniformly sampled data?

Im now reading article IEEE Trans on Circ. ans Systems I, Vol.55 No.8 sept. 2008 Reconstruction of Nonuniformly Sampled Bandlimited Signals Usinga Differentiator–Multiplier Cascade by Stefan Tertinek and Christian Vogel

and plan to implement it, but may be somebody has it done before me.


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