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Entry  Fri Feb 22 11:46:17 2013, Yury Golod, DRS4 trigger, different polarity 
    Reply  Fri Feb 22 11:56:57 2013, Stefan Ritt, DRS4 trigger, different polarity 
Message ID: 219     Entry time: Fri Feb 22 11:46:17 2013     Reply to this: 220
Author: Yury Golod 
Subject: DRS4 trigger, different polarity 

I need to synchronize two signals. These signals have a different polarity.

I can set triggers on different levels. But I can't set different polarity of triggers.

Now I can set (T1 and T2), I need to set (T1 and (not T2))

Is it possible?




d->EnableTrigger(1, 0);  // Enable trigger

d->SetTriggerSource(1<<8 | 1<<9);  // T1 and T2


file DRS.cpp:

int DRSBoard::SetTriggerLevel(double voltage1,double voltage2, double voltage3,double voltage4,bool negative)


      SetDAC(fDAC_TLEVEL1, voltage1/2 + 0.8);

      SetDAC(fDAC_TLEVEL2, voltage2/2 + 0.8);


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