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Entry  Mon Mar 25 11:12:53 2013, Georg Winner, Differences in Source Code 
    Reply  Thu Apr 4 11:21:04 2013, Stefan Ritt, Differences in Source Code 
Message ID: 228     Entry time: Mon Mar 25 11:12:53 2013     Reply to this: 230
Author: Georg Winner 
Subject: Differences in Source Code 

I have noticed some differences in the source code between Windows (4.0.0) and Linux (4.0.1) Version.

drs_exam.cpp: In the windows version when setting the trigger there is no part "if (b->GetBoardType() == 8) {...} else {...}" like in Linux version. So under Windows drs_exam does not start readout of DRS 4 Evalutation Board V4, because it does not get the trigger, under linux the board can be read out succesfull. I have found out, that adding the missing part solves the problem for the windows version.

drs.cpp (Windows Version), line 2101, function "int DRSBoard::SetTriggerDelayNs(int delay)":

There is no operation which  calculates the variable "fTriggerDelayNs" out of variable "ticks" like in function "int DRSBoard::SetTriggerDelayPercent(int delay)" (Line 2073). So "fTriggerDelayNs" can get diverse values when using one of the Trigger Setting Functions. Was this intended?


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