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Entry  Fri Jul 5 12:46:45 2013, Hermann-Josef Mathes, Missing methods in drs-4.0.1.tar.gz 
    Reply  Sat Jul 6 06:10:38 2013, Stefan Ritt, Missing methods in drs-4.0.1.tar.gz 
Message ID: 270     Entry time: Sat Jul 6 06:10:38 2013     In reply to: 269
Author: Stefan Ritt 
Subject: Missing methods in drs-4.0.1.tar.gz 

Hermann-Josef Mathes wrote:


while trying to create python bindings for the DRS stuff using SWIG 2.0.4, two undefined methods prevent the python interpreter from loading the generated shared library. These methods are:

  • int DRSBoard::SetADCActive(unsigned char)
  • bool ResponseCalibration::Calibrate(unsigned int,unsigned int,float *,float *,float,bool)

Can we safely removed those methods from the DRS header files or (what I have actually done) is it better to fake some empty implementation in the input file to SWIG?

Another minor issue is that the python interpreter always terminates with a SegFault after script termination. I had not yet time to track that down...

Thanks & regards



Thanks for pointing that out. My C++ compiler does not complain about such errors. You can safely remove these functions. I did so as well, so future versions will not contain that any more.


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