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Entry  Sun Jan 31 23:52:15 2010, Hao Huan, Failure In Flashing Xilinx PROM 
    Reply  Mon Feb 1 08:30:42 2010, Stefan Ritt, Failure In Flashing Xilinx PROM DRS.cppDRS.hdrs4_eval1.mcs
Message ID: 31     Entry time: Sun Jan 31 23:52:15 2010     Reply to this: 32
Author: Hao Huan 
Subject: Failure In Flashing Xilinx PROM 

Hi Stefan,

    I have an old-version DRS4 evaluation board which doesn't have the latest firmware. I tried to flash the drs_eval1.ipf boundary scan chain into the XCF02S PROM with Xilinx IMPACT, and the firmware seemed to go through into the PROM. However, when I started the DRS command line interface to test the firmware it kept on reporting errors like

musb_write: requested 10, wrote -116, errno 0 (No error)

musb_read error -116

musb_write: requested 10, wrote -22, error 0 (No error)

musb_read error -116

and so on. Finally the program made a dumb recognition of the board as

Found mezz. board 0 on USB, serial #0, firmware revision 0

Do you have any idea which caused this problem? Thanks!

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