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Entry  Thu Nov 14 11:39:06 2013, Schablo, Cascading of channels  
    Reply  Thu Nov 14 12:51:56 2013, Stefan Ritt, Cascading of channels  2048_mode.pdf
       Reply  Thu Nov 21 14:35:57 2013, Schablo, Cascading of channels  
          Reply  Thu Nov 21 14:45:56 2013, Stefan Ritt, Cascading of channels  
Message ID: 311     Entry time: Thu Nov 21 14:35:57 2013     In reply to: 303     Reply to this: 312
Author: Schablo 
Subject: Cascading of channels  

Stefan Ritt wrote:

Schablo wrote:

 Hello,  I want use cascading of channels for 2048 cell - SetChannelConfig(0,8,4), but i can't understand how . Please, help me. Where i can dowload 2048_mode.ppt. (I found information about this file in DRS.cpp  (3445 line  "/ combine two halfs correctly, see 2048_mode.ppt")

Best regards,

Schablo Kostya 

You have to combine two channels into one, and depending on where the domino wave stopped, things get a bit complicated. I attach 2048_mode.ppt for your reference, but am not sure if this will really help.


Sorry for my question.

 I'm trying change "drs_exam.cpp" for read 2048 cell. 

I'm using SetChannnelConfig(0,8,4) and this code in "drs_exam.cpp" :


              float arrX[2048];

              float arrY[2048];


             b->GetTime(0, b->GetTriggerCell(0), arrX);

             b->GetWave(0, 0, arr.Y); 


Return 2048 values in arrX[2048] - correct values, but  in arrY[2048] -  not correct values.

   I can't understand what values return "GetWave" function. Please, say me how make, that GetWave function return correct values.  " not - correct values "(i mean that i give signal in drs bord and values not true.) 

Best regards,

Schablo Kostya 


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