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Entry  Tue Nov 26 15:36:39 2013, Dmitry Hits, reducing sampling speed 
    Reply  Tue Nov 26 15:38:13 2013, Stefan Ritt, reducing sampling speed 
Message ID: 314     Entry time: Tue Nov 26 15:38:13 2013     In reply to: 313
Author: Stefan Ritt 
Subject: reducing sampling speed 

Dmitry Hits wrote:

Dear Stefan

Is there an easy way to reduce sampling speed below 0.7 GSPS? I would like to record traces up to 5 usec long.

Thank you


No. See the DRS4 datasheet: http://www.psi.ch/drs/DocumentationEN/DRS4_rev09.pdf 

Minimum sampling speed is 700 MSPS.



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