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Entry  Thu Jan 9 10:58:19 2014, Martin Petriska, v5 software with v4 board calibration 
    Reply  Thu Jan 9 11:02:46 2014, Stefan Ritt, v5 software with v4 board calibration 
Message ID: 322     Entry time: Thu Jan 9 11:02:46 2014     In reply to: 321
Author: Stefan Ritt 
Subject: v5 software with v4 board calibration 

Martin Petriska wrote:



In v4 board, which channel has best calibration ?

Should it be possible to simulate v5 board and read calibration values for v4 board by other method .. for example using external calibration signal source connected to all channels? 

Is it  needed to detach all input signals from EVM board during calibration ?( I see there are switches on channel inputs.)

Some comments: averager.h, averager.cpp are missing in windows v.5 sources (it should be copied from linux sources)


PF2014 and thank You for development new EVM 5 and new time precision.



In v4 board, actually no channel has a good calibration. The timing calibration is done with channel #9, which is hard connected to a (poor) clock. So the best you can get there is ~30 ps. In principle one can calibrate the V4 board with an external source. The problem there is to find a good sine wave oscillator (we have several expensive ones and only one was good enough), and that the software does not support this. You would have to write your own calibration code (where of course you can "recycle" the one from the V5 software.

Thanks for pointing out the missing averager.*, I will add it.


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