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Entry  Thu Apr 10 14:45:12 2014, Roman Gredig, DRS4 Evalboard V5 with Windows7Pro64bit 
    Reply  Wed Apr 16 10:24:55 2014, Stefan Ritt, DRS4 Evalboard V5 with Windows7Pro64bit 
Message ID: 339     Entry time: Wed Apr 16 10:24:55 2014     In reply to: 334
Author: Stefan Ritt 
Subject: DRS4 Evalboard V5 with Windows7Pro64bit 
> Dear Stefan
> I am trying to use the DRS4 eval board on a Windows7 machine. Unfortunately I get an error message saying "No DRS 
> board found". But I can see the DRS board in the device manager with the proper driver loaded. Is there any known 
> problem with win7?
> I am using windows7 professional (SP1) with the drs software 5.0.1.
> Cheers,
> Roman
> PS: Everything is working on my mac. But not under windows7.

Hi Roman,

please read section 2.3. (page 13)  from the Evaluation Board manual: http://www.psi.ch/drs/DocumentationEN/manual_rev50.pdf

You have to update the USB driver in your Computer Management.

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