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Entry  Mon Feb 15 19:43:34 2010, Ron Grazioso, Problem reading oscilloscope binary waveform output test_pulse.pngpulse_IDL.png
    Reply  Tue Feb 16 09:38:59 2010, Stefan Ritt, Problem reading oscilloscope binary waveform output 
Message ID: 35     Entry time: Mon Feb 15 19:43:34 2010     Reply to this: 36
Author: Ron Grazioso 
Subject: Problem reading oscilloscope binary waveform output 

I have saved some waveforms using the oscilloscope application in both binary and xml.  I can see that the xml file gives me proper data values but when I try to read the binary file using IDL, it does not seem correct.  This is a screen shot of the pulse I saved: test_pulse.png

But when I open the binary file in IDL using:

data = uintarr(1024)       ;unsigned integer array

;Convert bits to Volts


I get: pulse_IDL.png

It looks like the pulse is there but there is something corrupting the data only in binary form.  Is there a setting that may not be correct?

Thanks, Ron




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