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Entry  Thu Aug 21 11:03:36 2014, Martin Petriska, 10GSps on DRS4 Evm with delay cables 
    Reply  Tue Aug 26 12:32:21 2014, Stefan Ritt, 10GSps on DRS4 Evm with delay cables 
Message ID: 365     Entry time: Tue Aug 26 12:32:21 2014     In reply to: 364
Author: Stefan Ritt 
Subject: 10GSps on DRS4 Evm with delay cables 

Martin Petriska wrote:

 Hi, I read its possible to use channels 2,4,6 to extend 200ns to 400ns (1024bins to 2048).

Is it possible to use same channels to double sampling rate with paralel feeding, one channel delayed by Ts/2, for 5,12GS/s is it cca 3cm delay cable?



In principle yes (you could split your signal externally and add some cable delay to one side), but it is not supported by the software. You would have to combine the data from the two channels yourself. But it won't help much. The analog bandwidth of the evaluation board is about 700 MHz. So sampling at 10 GSPS vs. 5 GSPS won't give you any additional information, since the highest frequencies in your signal will be only 700 MHz. You could as well take your 5 GSPS measurement and interpolate it with some sinc function to get exactly the same result. See here for details: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Whittaker%E2%80%93Shannon_interpolation_formula 

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