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Entry  Mon Nov 17 16:36:18 2014, Mickey Chiu, Raspberry Pi drsosc does not exit properly 
    Reply  Tue Nov 25 14:06:34 2014, Stefan Ritt, Raspberry Pi drsosc does not exit properly 
Message ID: 394     Entry time: Tue Nov 25 14:06:34 2014     In reply to: 393
Author: Stefan Ritt 
Subject: Raspberry Pi drsosc does not exit properly 

Mickey Chiu wrote:

When running drsosc on a raspberry pi, it seems the exit doesn't seem to work at all.  This is true for the "exit" button on the window, or the file menu exit, or the "x" on the window.  I end up having to kill drsosc manually from the command line.  This wouldn't be such a bad thing except that it doesn't seem to store any settings when killed in this way.  I'm wondering if anyone else sees the same thing, or if there is a fix out there, before I go and delve into why.

Unfortunately I don't have a pi here right now, so I cannot reproduce your problem. I checked on a linux system and it worked fine with wxWidgets 3.0.1 and GTK2 2.20. The wxWidget library sends an wxID_EXIT event to DOFrame::OnExit, which then closes the window. The destructor of DOFrame then calls SaveConfig() to save the current settings. Maybe you can debug this.


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