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Entry  Tue Jun 16 20:45:54 2015, Michael Buadelk, DRS4 Evaluation Board Osc Application 
    Reply  Tue Jun 16 22:26:41 2015, Stefan Ritt, DRS4 Evaluation Board Osc Application 
Message ID: 432     Entry time: Tue Jun 16 22:26:41 2015     In reply to: 431
Author: Stefan Ritt 
Subject: DRS4 Evaluation Board Osc Application 

There is a horizontal position slider in the "Horizontal" box on the right side below the trigger delay. Use it.

Michael Buadelk wrote:

Hi, I have a DRS4 v5 evaluation board and I have a novice question about the oscilliscop application. When I connect it to a photo-detector (silicon photo-multiplier to be exact), the signal appears only on one half of the screen, and I cannot change it to be full screen, and pulse to be centered. I tried changing delay time and played around with the settings of the applicaton but no success. I'd apprecite if someone help me on this, probably very simple, problem.


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