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Entry  Wed Mar 3 17:36:31 2010, Hao Huan, Initialization of the Domino Circuit 
    Reply  Wed Mar 3 17:49:30 2010, Stefan Ritt, Initialization of the Domino Circuit 
Message ID: 46     Entry time: Wed Mar 3 17:36:31 2010     Reply to this: 47
Author: Hao Huan 
Subject: Initialization of the Domino Circuit 

Hi Stefan,

    I read in the datasheet that every time after power up the Domino wave in DRS4 needs to be started and stopped once to initialize the Domino circuit. However in your firmware it seems the chip immediately goes into the idle state after reset. Is that Domino circuit initialization really necessary?

    Also an aside question: in your firmware the readout process has the SRCLK sent to DRS4 only about 200ns later after RSRLOAD gets asserted instead of immediately following RSRLOAD. Is there any reason for that?

    Thanks a lot!


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