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Entry  Thu Nov 26 18:59:27 2015, Robert Adams, Saving histogram data 
    Reply  Tue Feb 16 11:21:43 2016, Stefan Ritt, Saving histogram data 
    Reply  Tue Feb 16 11:55:54 2016, Martin Petriska, Saving histogram data 
Message ID: 478     Entry time: Tue Feb 16 11:55:54 2016     In reply to: 454
Author: Martin Petriska 
Subject: Saving histogram data 


Robert Adams wrote:

I would really love to be able to save histogram data, though I have not been able to do this. I could take a screenshot and extract the data from an image, but would prefer to avoid this if there is a simpler way... possibly I have overlooked something obvious? Thanks very much for any advice or tips.

You can use qtpals, there is posibility to save histograms (energy, time diference), only set trigger on channel which you use. https://sourceforge.net/projects/qtpals/files/?source=navbar

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