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Entry  Mon Feb 29 12:58:17 2016, Dmitry Philippov, baseline shift pic1.pngpic2.pngpic3.png
    Reply  Mon Feb 29 13:09:29 2016, Stefan Ritt, baseline shift 
Message ID: 479     Entry time: Mon Feb 29 12:58:17 2016     Reply to this: 480
Author: Dmitry Philippov 
Subject: baseline shift 

Hello! My name is Dmitry. I am from SiPM Lab is NRNU MEPhI (Russia, Moscow). We bought DRS4 evaluation board V5 with firmware 21305. We use 5.0.4 build 21911 2015-11-23 software version (and before that we used 5.0.3 build 21508, 2014-10-15) with Windows 7 32bit.

We observe some strange behaviour. When we save waveforms (in xml or binary data) we see that some of them have the baseline shifted of about -5 mV.

The first picture (pic1) is 1000 waveforms which were glued in one. It is clearly see that baseline quite often has the shift.

The same effect can be seen without saving (writting): rarely when we use normal or auto trigger mode (pic3), and always in single trigger mode (pic2).

The images are attached.

Do you have any idea how it can be fixed?


Thanks, Dmitry.


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