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Entry  Thu May 12 05:18:47 2016, Yu, Problem For Software Download 
    Reply  Thu May 12 08:16:41 2016, Stefan Ritt, Problem For Software Download 
Message ID: 524     Entry time: Thu May 12 08:16:41 2016     In reply to: 523
Author: Stefan Ritt 
Subject: Problem For Software Download 

Can you tell me (screendump) what is the problem on the web site https://www.psi.ch/drs/software-download ? It should redirect you to


for the Windows download.

I cannot send executables via email, that won't go though any spam filter.


Yu wrote:


 I can't download the software for windows on this website 'www.psi.ch/drs/software-download', there is some mistake when i click on download. 

 If convenient, can you send the software Version 5.0.5 for windows to me? My E-mail address is 'yuhaiyang421@163.com'. Thank you!


Best Regards



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