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Entry  Wed May 11 04:01:14 2016, Maksat, DRS4 Macro to save events 
    Reply  Thu May 12 12:38:17 2016, Stefan Ritt, DRS4 Macro to save events 
Message ID: 525     Entry time: Thu May 12 12:38:17 2016     In reply to: 521
Author: Stefan Ritt 
Subject: DRS4 Macro to save events 

Dear Maksat,

If your car does not run, and you call the car dealer and tell him "my car does not run", what will the car dealer ask you? Eh... ? Right ! He will ask "what are the symptoms, what did you try, what did and what did not work". Here it's the same. "was not able to get it work" is not a valid statement, since I have absolutely no idea what did not work and what you did try.

The official way is to follow the instruction in the evlauation board manual on section 2.4 - Installation under Linux. If that does not work, please be a bit more precise what errors you get.


Maksat wrote:

Dear Stefan,

I am trying to setup DRS inside radiation enclosure and would like to write a simple script that will automatically save certain number of events.

Could you please point to me an example that can I use for Mac OS? I saw there is drs_exam.cpp in the directory but was not able to get work in Mac OS. Any help would be greatly appreciated.





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