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Entry  Thu Mar 11 21:37:32 2010, Hao Huan, Input Bandwidth of the DRS Chip 
    Reply  Fri Mar 12 08:04:44 2010, Stefan Ritt, Input Bandwidth of the DRS Chip 
Message ID: 53     Entry time: Thu Mar 11 21:37:32 2010     Reply to this: 54
Author: Hao Huan 
Subject: Input Bandwidth of the DRS Chip 

Hi Stefan,

    I read in the DRS datasheet that the input bandwidth if 950MHz. However, it also says the output bandwidth in the transparent mode is 50MHz. Since in the transparent mode the input is routed to the output, does it mean the input bandwidth also gets reduced in the transparent mode? I don't know how the transparent mode works inside the chip of course, but this value would be important since if the hardware discriminators are connected to the output of DRS, we have to always work in the transparent mode.



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