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Entry  Wed Oct 5 22:43:29 2016, Will Flanagan, Timestamp for each DRS4 waveform 
    Reply  Thu Oct 6 11:18:05 2016, Stefan Ritt, Timestamp for each DRS4 waveform 
Message ID: 539     Entry time: Wed Oct 5 22:43:29 2016     Reply to this: 540
Author: Will Flanagan 
Subject: Timestamp for each DRS4 waveform 

Hi DRS4 Experts,

I have been analyzing DRS4 binary data with scripts based on Stefan's (very helpful!) macro:


I would now like to look at the stability of my waveforms over a long period of time. In order to do this, I would need a timestamp encoded with each waveform. Are there timestamps within default DRS4 binary data? If so, does anyone have sample code for extracting them?

Best Regards,


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