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Entry  Fri Nov 4 17:41:03 2016, Christian Farina, Missing Header 
    Reply  Tue Nov 8 10:20:52 2016, Stefan Ritt, Missing Header 
       Reply  Wed Nov 9 17:19:48 2016, Christian Farina, Missing Header 
          Reply  Wed Nov 9 19:49:07 2016, Stefan Ritt, Missing Header 
             Reply  Thu Nov 10 20:54:45 2016, Christian Farina, Missing Header 
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Author: Stefan Ritt 
Subject: Missing Header 

Best is to read this paper: https://arxiv.org/abs/1405.4975

The source code for that is in DRS.cpp in the DRS software distribution in the function DRSBoard::CalibrateTiming()


Christian Farina wrote:

Thank you Stefan, that was just what I needed.

Also, I have another question, if I am allowed to ask on this forum. I am trying to study how the time calibration of the DRS is done. Can you point me to the script in which this is done?

Thank you,


Stefan Ritt wrote:

The web page from where you downloaded the software contains a sentence "requires libusb-1.0 package". Please install it. This package brings the "usb.h" header file.


Christian Farina wrote:

Hello everybody,

I am completely new to this, so please bear with me.

I am trying to install the applications on my laptop. I downloaded and untar-ed the drivers and applications for Linux as described in the evaluation board manual. However, when I do the make, I get the following error:


drs-4.0.0$ make
g++ -g -O2 -Wall -Wuninitialized -fno-strict-aliasing -Iinclude -DOS_LINUX -DHAVE_LIBUSB -DUSE_DRS_MUTEX -c src/musbstd.c
In file included from src/musbstd.c:14:0:
include/musbstd.h:17:17: fatal error: usb.h: No such file or directory
 #include <usb.h>

Can anybody help me please?





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