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Entry  Mon Nov 28 22:28:34 2016, Randall Gladen, Long timing between two channels 
    Reply  Wed Nov 30 10:45:29 2016, Stefan Ritt, Long timing between two channels 
Message ID: 572     Entry time: Mon Nov 28 22:28:34 2016     Reply to this: 575
Author: Randall Gladen 
Subject: Long timing between two channels 

I don't believe I fully understand how the timing works between multiple channels on DRS4 board, even after reading the manual, but I am hoping to measure a time difference between two channels longer than 1024/sampling rate. So far, I have written a program in Matlab to extract timing and voltage information from the binary file to find the time difference between two channels that are set with the AND trigger logic and appear within approximately 80 ns of each other at a sampling rate of 1 GSPS. This works as intended, but I would now like to try to measure time differences of anywhere between 50 ns and several ms within a single spectrum. Since this is out of the range of only 1024 channels above 1GSPS, is it possible for the board to keep track of the time between two trigger pulses that occur at time differences longer than 1024/sampling rate?

Thank you very much for your help, and if I am severely misunderstanding how the board works, please forgive my ignorance and feel free to correct me,


Edit: I forgot to mention that I am collecting the data using the provided DRS4 Oscilloscope software.

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