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Entry  Tue Jan 31 01:37:35 2017, VO HONG HAI, LLD and ULD discriminations, 
    Reply  Tue Jan 31 08:40:04 2017, Stefan Ritt, LLD and ULD discriminations, 
Message ID: 587     Entry time: Tue Jan 31 08:40:04 2017     In reply to: 586
Author: Stefan Ritt 
Subject: LLD and ULD discriminations, 

Not inside the board. Each channel has a single discriminator. You can select to trigger on a rising or falling edge, but you don't have two levels. What you can do however is to make an external trigger, like using old NIM logic. You can make discrimaiton with different levels and use a coincidence unit to combine them. Then feed the trigger into the external trigger input of the evaluation board (5V TTL level, not NIM level!).


VO HONG HAI wrote:
Dear Stefan, Is there any way to develop LLD and ULD discrimination in DSR-4 evaluation board? Best regards, V.H.Hai


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