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Entry  Fri Feb 24 17:34:28 2017, Tarik Zengin, Passing parameters to drscl 
    Reply  Fri Feb 24 18:35:38 2017, Stefan Ritt, Passing parameters to drscl 
Message ID: 589     Entry time: Fri Feb 24 18:35:38 2017     In reply to: 588
Author: Stefan Ritt 
Subject: Passing parameters to drscl 

This is indeed currently not implemented. But there is a simple C program drs_exam.cpp, which connects to a board and safes some data. You could modify that program to your needs.


Tarik Zengin wrote:

Hi everyone,

I wonder if there is a way to pass parameters to drscl. What I specifically want to do is calling drscl from a shell script and read/save some data. I want to schedule a measurement. Therefore I need to call drscl from the command line using some parameters.

It would look something like this;


for i in {0..100}


    echo "Reading $i"

    ./drscl read 0 0 test.xml

    sleep 1


This doesn't work of course. drscl won't take arguments from the command line. Can you suggest a way to do this please?

Thank you.


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