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Entry  Tue Mar 30 22:57:34 2010, Hao Huan, ROFS Configuration 
    Reply  Thu Apr 15 13:48:40 2010, Stefan Ritt, ROFS Configuration 
Message ID: 59     Entry time: Tue Mar 30 22:57:34 2010     Reply to this: 68
Author: Hao Huan 
Subject: ROFS Configuration 

Hi Stefan,

    according to the DRS4 datasheet, if we want an input range centered around U0, the ROFS should be 1.55V-U0. However when I read the codes of the evaluation board application, ROFS seems to be 1.6V-1.25*U0 where the coefficient 1.25 is said to come from sampling cell charge injection correction. Is it the right equation to use? What exactly does that charge injection correction mean?

    Thanks a lot.


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