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Entry  Wed Jul 12 04:24:39 2017, Toshihiro Nonaka, Time resolution between boards 
    Reply  Wed Jul 12 20:16:05 2017, Stefan Ritt, Time resolution between boards 
Message ID: 623     Entry time: Wed Jul 12 04:24:39 2017     Reply to this: 624
Author: Toshihiro Nonaka 
Subject: Time resolution between boards 


I 'm using four evaluation boards v.3 to construct the multi-board DAQ system. One channel for each board is used as reference clock, then calibrate timing offline, which allow below 10ps resolution between boards.

Is it possible to keep the time resolution between boards below 10ps in daisy-chain mode with v.5 boards?

Thank you in adcance.

Best regards,

Toshihiro Nonaka

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