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Entry  Fri Jun 16 17:34:20 2017, Laura Gonella, Driver installation on Windows 10 
    Reply  Thu Jul 20 13:00:44 2017, Volodymyr Rodin, Driver installation on Windows 10 
Message ID: 625     Entry time: Thu Jul 20 13:00:44 2017     In reply to: 619
Author: Volodymyr Rodin 
Subject: Driver installation on Windows 10 

Dear Laura

You need to disable driver signature enforcement.  Then try again with path option.

 It helped me.


Best regards,


Laura Gonella wrote:


I am trying to get a DRS4 board to run on Windows 10. I am having problems with the driver installation. I am getting the follwoing message

"There is no driver selected for the device information set or element"

I had specified the path to look for the driver as C:\ProgramFilesx86\DRS\driver\. I also tried the option to look online for the driver. None works. Can anyone help?




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