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Entry  Fri Oct 13 03:39:01 2017, Jonathan Wapman, Raspberry Pi Connection Failure 
    Reply  Mon Oct 16 15:35:22 2017, Stefan Ritt, Raspberry Pi Connection Failure 
Message ID: 631     Entry time: Fri Oct 13 03:39:01 2017     Reply to this: 632
Author: Jonathan Wapman 
Subject: Raspberry Pi Connection Failure 

I am currently attempting to use a raspberry pi to connect to the DRS 4 board. I whenever I try to use the DRS Command Line TOol, Revision 21435 to connect to the drs board, I get the error

"musb_open: libusb_open() error -3"

"USB successfully scanned, but no boards found"

"No DRS Boards Found".

I successfully compiled the libusb driver before compiling the drs software 5.0.6, and installed all other listed packages in the install instructions.

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