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Entry  Fri Nov 3 12:11:14 2017, Håkan Wennlöf, Triggering using AND 
    Reply  Fri Nov 3 13:28:04 2017, Stefan Ritt, Triggering using AND 
Message ID: 636     Entry time: Fri Nov 3 12:11:14 2017     Reply to this: 637
Author: Håkan Wennlöf 
Subject: Triggering using AND 


I'm using the DRSOsc program, and I have a question that I need a bit clarified;

When triggering using AND between two channels, am I then triggering on rising/falling edge of both channels, or on the actual values?

That is, is it the change in value that it triggers on, or when the actual value goes above a certain threshold?

Using AND, it seems like I get a trigger when one (CH2) is above its trigger value (sometimes quite far above), and the other (CH1) changes to go above its trigger value. This works for my purposes, which is nice, but I just want to be sure I understand why it works. Ideally, I'd like to trigger when one of my channels is above a certain value, and the other has a rising edge above a certain value.

I'm sorry if it's a silly question! I've just noticed that the Keysight oscilloscopes I've used can only do one channel with a rising edge at a time when doing a logic trigger, and I thought the same thing might be going on in the background here (which would be ideal for my purposes).


Kind regards,

Håkan Wennlöf

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