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Entry  Wed Mar 7 22:49:38 2018, Rodrigo Trindade de Menezes, Running drs_example.cpp drs_exam.cpp
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Message ID: 666     Entry time: Wed Mar 7 22:49:38 2018     Reply to this: 667   674
Author: Rodrigo Trindade de Menezes 
Subject: Running drs_example.cpp 


We have been using the DRS4 evaluation board (S/N 2636) that works with the scope application. However we are trying to run the DRS4 evaluation board remotely by modifying the drs_exam.cpp to acquire and store data continuously.

We compiled the DRS_example.cpp without the wxWidgets but when we try to run the program, it appears to trigger on nonsense.  The program appears to not be sensitive to the trigger threshold (although for very large trigger threshold it gets stuck in a waiting mode).  Is there a way to ensure that the "normal" trigger mode is set?  We are worried that the auto mode is running.  Otherwise, not sure why the program is triggering on nonsense.  By the way, it does not work with the wxWidgets compiled either so we are worried that there is an additional flag that needs to be set. The routine does not appear to conduct a calibration -- is this not necessary?

Another issue that we are having is with the data set stored on the .txt file looks incorrect.  The time channel stops at 200 (but we think it should go up to 1024). In addition, the voltage channel appears to hover around small values near zero (as if triggering on noise).  The output file appears this way even when we change the threshold to much higher values.  It suggests that the trigger threshold is not actually being set? There are events where the output voltage appears to oscillate through huge negative and positive values too.  So not sure what's going on. 



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