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Entry  Fri Apr 13 18:14:07 2018, Alessio Berti, Voltage and Timing Calibration in drs_exam.cpp 
    Reply  Fri May 4 11:56:08 2018, Stefan Ritt, Voltage and Timing Calibration in drs_exam.cpp 
Message ID: 678     Entry time: Fri Apr 13 18:14:07 2018     Reply to this: 687
Author: Alessio Berti 
Subject: Voltage and Timing Calibration in drs_exam.cpp 


we were trying to implement an automatic way to calibrate our DRS4 both in voltage and in time (we have the V5 Evaluation Board). We started from drs_exam.cpp and tried with the following lines:

/* set input range to -0.5V ... +0.5V */



While the timing calibration seems to work (we checked with drsosc executable), the voltage calibration in our test program seems not to do the same as in drsosc when pressing the button "Execute Voltage Calibration". Specifically we think that no primary calibration, secondary calibration or spike removal is applied when calling CalibrateVolt(). It seems that the methods to perform those tasks are implemented in Osci.ccp/Osci.h, but drs_exam.cpp uses objects of the class DRS (i.e. defined in DRS.cpp and DRS.h).

Is there a way to execute the voltage calibration in drs_exam.cpp in the same way performed within drsosc?



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