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Entry  Tue May 8 23:58:35 2018, Sean Quinn, Manual Rev5.1 Figure 1, optional components 
    Reply  Wed May 9 09:03:52 2018, Stefan Ritt, Manual Rev5.1 Figure 1, optional components 
Message ID: 693     Entry time: Tue May 8 23:58:35 2018     Reply to this: 694
Author: Sean Quinn 
Subject: Manual Rev5.1 Figure 1, optional components 

Dear All,


I'm troubleshooting a board which uses the DRS4 and adopts an analog front end very similar to the evaluation board. As a result, we rely on the eval board as a reference. In doing so we've encountered an issue in the manual:

The high resolution photo in Figure 1. is useful, but it seems to correspond to an older version of the board. For instance, the RF switch can't correspond to the schematics of Rev5.1 in the appendix.

Request: Could the manual be updated with a high resolution image of Rev5.1. Also, could a high resolution of the bottom side of the board be included in the manual? This is desirable since it has the version number and contact information, so it will remove any ambiguity about what board you're looking at and what schematics you should refer to.

A second question, which might be overly broad: what is the impact of installing the optional components (marked * in the schematics) on the analog front end? Why are a lot of these left uninstalled on the eval board?



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