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Entry  Wed Jun 13 13:23:17 2018, Julian Kemp, Maximum analog input voltage 
    Reply  Wed Jun 13 13:42:47 2018, Stefan Ritt, Maximum analog input voltage 
       Reply  Wed Jun 13 16:34:28 2018, Julian Kemp, Maximum analog input voltage 
Message ID: 702     Entry time: Wed Jun 13 16:34:28 2018     In reply to: 701
Author: Julian Kemp 
Subject: Maximum analog input voltage 

Thank you! That solves my problem.

Stefan Ritt wrote:

In principle the numbers in the manual are correct. But they relate to pulses of a certain length, because the input protection only works for DC voltage and for pulses which are not too long. Since we could not write this all on the label of the board, we decided to put there 100% safe value as a "warning" to people, meaning that if pulses are above 2.5V, they should look into the manual and read the details. 


Julian Kemp wrote:

Dear all,

I have been wondering what the maximum analog input voltage for the DRS4 V5 evaluation board is. It came with a sticker indicating that it is "2.5V pk Max". On the other hand, when checking the manual (https://www.psi.ch/drs/DocumentationEN/manual_rev50.pdf), it says maximum allowed is 10V DC or even 30V for short pulses. I foresee an application where I cannot make sure that pulses stay below 2.5V, so the correct value will be quite important for me.




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