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Entry  Mon Nov 5 17:17:08 2018, Sean Quinn, Pi attenuator on eval board inputs? pi_att.PNG
    Reply  Thu Nov 8 09:57:26 2018, Stefan Ritt, Pi attenuator on eval board inputs? 
Message ID: 723     Entry time: Thu Nov 8 09:57:26 2018     In reply to: 722
Author: Stefan Ritt 
Subject: Pi attenuator on eval board inputs? 

The attenuator compensates for the gain of the buffer which is slightly above one. In addition, it serves as a "placeholder" in case one wants larger input signals. One can easily convert the attenuator to -6db, -12db, etc. by chaning the resistors.


Sean Quinn wrote:

Dear DRS4 team,


I am curious about this part of the circuit:

What is the purpose of this?


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