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Entry  Thu Nov 8 11:44:35 2018, Davide Depaoli, Timing Issue 
    Reply  Thu Nov 8 11:54:33 2018, Stefan Ritt, Timing Issue 
       Reply  Thu Nov 8 12:02:34 2018, Davide Depaoli, Timing Issue 
Message ID: 724     Entry time: Thu Nov 8 11:44:35 2018     Reply to this: 725
Author: Davide Depaoli 
Subject: Timing Issue 

We are using the DRS4 Evaluation Board as a digitizer in our laboratory.
We found a strange behavior in the saved files, more specifically the time difference between two consecutive points is not constant, also after the Timing Calibration.
As an example, I paste a piece of a xml file saved using the drsosc program, acquiring CH1 (open):
	<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>
	<!-- created by MXML on Thu Nov  8 11:13:27 2018 -->
	<Time>2018/11/08 11:13:27.163</Time>
	---[ END XML EXAMPLE ]---

We found the same behavior saving events in the binary format, and then reading them with the read_binary.cpp

Is there a way to fix our issue?

Thanks a lot

Davide and Alessio
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