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Entry  Sat Feb 2 00:13:12 2019, Hans Steiger, Saving Rate (only 15Acq/s) 
    Reply  Sat Feb 2 10:10:22 2019, Stefan Ritt, Saving Rate (only 15Acq/s) 
Message ID: 731     Entry time: Sat Feb 2 00:13:12 2019     Reply to this: 732
Author: Hans Steiger 
Subject: Saving Rate (only 15Acq/s) 

Dear All,


when I use my Evaluation Board with some PMTs I can digitize 450 Acq/s or so. But when I want to save the waveforms the rate goes down. The Acqu. rate with saving is in the range of 14Hz up to 24 Hz.

I normally use the .txt file. I try to use the 5GS/s but also with much lower sampling rate the saving rate is not getting much better. 

Is this a problem of my McBook connected to the Evaluation Board?


All the best,



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