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Entry  Fri Apr 12 09:39:30 2019, Lev Pavlov, multi-board 
    Reply  Fri Apr 12 09:55:50 2019, Stefan Ritt, multi-board 
       Reply  Fri Apr 12 09:59:15 2019, Lev Pavlov, multi-board 
          Reply  Fri Apr 12 12:50:18 2019, Stefan Ritt, multi-board 
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Author: Lev Pavlov 
Subject: multi-board 


I understand this, thanks. But my Chief does not understand this, he wants to see the phase difference without “crutches”. And what is meant in the manual 50 ps resolution? Maybe I just do not understand something? And if you submit a reference signal not in the mode of a garland, but simultaneously in parallel to all the boards, will this shift go? Thanks

Lev Pavlov

Stefan Ritt wrote:

Subtract 16 ns from your measured value ;-)


Lev Pavlov wrote:

Good afternoon, I use 5 boards in multi-mode, everything is connected according to the instructions. Can I measure the phase difference between the two signals on channel 1 and channel 20? with each board the phase shift is added +16 ns I can not figure out how to compensate for this. give thanks



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