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Entry  Tue May 26 11:10:27 2020, xggg, Domino wave 
    Reply  Tue May 26 12:44:16 2020, Stefan Ritt, Domino wave Screenshot_2020-05-26_at_12.43.40_.png
Message ID: 790     Entry time: Tue May 26 11:10:27 2020     Reply to this: 791
Author: xggg 
Subject: Domino wave 

Hi Stefan,

According to the datasheet DRS_rev09, the write signal is always 16 cells wide. So when the domino wave runs in infinite mode and be stopped by setting DENABLE low , there are always 16 cells capicitors tracking the input signal . It means that the effective sample cells is 1024-16=1008? That's confusing. 

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