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Entry  Sat Aug 29 22:00:30 2020, Hans Steiger, Dynamic Range Evaluation Board and Software 
    Reply  Mon Aug 31 10:52:42 2020, Stefan Ritt, Dynamic Range Evaluation Board and Software 
Message ID: 794     Entry time: Mon Aug 31 10:52:42 2020     In reply to: 793
Author: Stefan Ritt 
Subject: Dynamic Range Evaluation Board and Software 

You cannot go below -0.5V for the inputs, since the board does not have an internal negative power supply, which would be necessary for that. If you have -0.8V pulses, the easiest is to use a passive inverter at the input to convert it to a 0.8V pulse.


Hans Steiger wrote:

Dear Evaluation Board Team,


currently I am facing the problem of digitizing pulses with an amplitude of -0.6V to -0.8V. As the dynamic range of the board is 1Vpp, this should be feasible. However, I do not know how to set in the software a correct range. I see only -0.5V/0.5V, and the two positive options. Normally I would use -0.5V/0.5V and give the thing an offset of 0.4V or so? Is this possible? Where can I set such a offset?


All the best,



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