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Entry  Thu Dec 17 09:29:43 2020, Alex Myczko, drs sources on github? 
    Reply  Thu Dec 17 11:31:34 2020, Stefan Ritt, drs sources on github? 
Message ID: 806     Entry time: Thu Dec 17 11:31:34 2020     In reply to: 805
Author: Stefan Ritt 
Subject: drs sources on github? 
Not github, but bitbucket: https://bitbucket.org/ritt/drs4eb/src/master/

But development kind of stalled, so there will be updates only in case of severe bugs, which are kind of gone after 10 years now.


> Are there plans to add the drs software to github? (asking because I have users @ethz.ch that want to use it on debian,
> thus I'm creating official debian packages of it, if license allows so, but talking to upstream (the developers) would be
> much easier on github (or irc) than on this "DRS4 Discussion Forum".
> Best,
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