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Entry  Thu Feb 25 17:56:39 2021, Matthias Plum, DRS spike removal for multiple waveforms 
    Reply  Fri Feb 26 08:52:50 2021, Stefan Ritt, DRS spike removal for multiple waveforms 
Message ID: 810     Entry time: Fri Feb 26 08:52:50 2021     In reply to: 809
Author: Stefan Ritt 
Subject: DRS spike removal for multiple waveforms 

Just look at the definition of the function below, all parameters are explained there. In meantime we have a firmware fix to avoid the spikes inside the chip, but I have not yet found time to update the evaluation board.


void DRSBoard::RemoveSymmetricSpikes(short **wf, int nwf,
                                     short diffThreshold, int spikeWidth,
                                     short maxPeakToPeak, short spikeVoltage,
                                     int nTimeRegionThreshold)
   // Remove a specific kind of spike on DRS4.
   // This spike has some features,
   //  - Common on all the channels on a chip
   //  - Constant heigh and width
   //  - Two spikes per channel
   //  - Symmetric to cell #0.
   // This is not general purpose spike-removing function.
   // wf                   : Waveform data. cell#0 must be at bin0,
   //                        and number of bins must be kNumberOfBins.
   // nwf                  : Number of channels which "wf" holds.
   // diffThreshold        : Amplitude threshold to find peak
   // spikeWidth           : Width of spike
   // maxPeakToPeak        : When peak-to-peak is larger than this, the channel
   //                        is not used to find spikes.
   // spikeVoltage         : Amplitude of spikes. When it is 0, it is calculated in this function
   //                        from voltage difference from neighboring bins.
   // nTimeRegionThreshold : Requirement of number of time regions having spike at common position.
   //                        Total number of time regions is 2*"nwf".

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