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Entry  Fri Apr 9 20:29:45 2021, Sean Quinn, Spikes/noise sensitive to clock settings? spikes_16MHz.pngspike_period.pngbetter_spikes_15MHz.pngspike_period_15MHz.png
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Message ID: 823     Entry time: Fri Apr 9 20:29:45 2021     Reply to this: 825
Author: Sean Quinn 
Subject: Spikes/noise sensitive to clock settings? 

Dear DRS4 team,

I'm trying to troubleshoot some odd spike behavior. If I run the ADC and SR CLK at 16 MHz (behavior also seen at 33 MHz) we get very noisy data (post-calibration) with periodic spikes.

In the below plot

  • CH0 & CH1 are muon pulses from a scintillator + SiPM detector
  • CH8 is a 25 MHz sinewave (in phase with all generated board clocks)
  • Transparent mode = ON
  • ROI = OFF, "full readout mode", first sample = cell 0
  • DRS REFCLK = 1 MHz (2 GS/s)
  • ADC & SR CLK = 16 MHz, 0 deg. offset


After I modify some clock settings, things seem to improve dramatically, and the spike behavior changes

  • ADC and SR CLK = 15 MHz, 0 deg. offset
  • Transparent mode = ON
  • ROI = ON (just for testing purposes)
  • Add 1.064 ns skew to DRS REF CLK
  • NOTE: Unfortunately due to a design mishap, the ADC and FPGA clock use a phase-locked output pair on our clock synthesis chip, so we cannot fine-tune the skew for it.

Observed differences

  • Spike polarity seems inverted
  • Spikes limited to smaller number of cells now?
  • Spike amplitude reduced
  • Overall baseline variance seems better
  • New large positive spike artifact on CH0 that seems inverted on CH1
  • CH8 seems unaffected by large spikes?

Artifacts seem related to clock configuration, but I am sort of in the dark on what might be happening from a first-principles point of view. Any tips?


Warm regards,


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