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Message ID: 873     Entry time: Mon Mar 7 13:38:03 2022
Author: Radoslaw Marcinkowski 
Subject: Problems with DRS4 Evaluation Board after Windows 10 upgrade - share of experiences  

Dear DRS4 Users,

I would like to share my expireinces with using of DRS4 Evaluation Board software (oscilloscope) after upgrade of Windows 10.

I had Windows 10 (Enterprise) in version from ~2016. It was working fine with DRS4 Scope software. Due to the company policy, Windows was upgraded to the newer version (2019). Since this time the board was not recognized any more as DRS4 Evaluation Board, both by Windows and DRS4 Scope standard software. Changing USB sockets did not help at all. I installed once more time Zadig USB driver (suggested by https://www.psi.ch/en/drs/software-download), no Admistrator rights were needed. It took long time, about 10 minutes or more, it suggested restart in the meantime, and finally noticed that ... installation failed! Even that, DRS4 software started to recognize the board without the problem even without reboot. Let me notice that all users on this machine can use the DRS4 software even if installation was done by non-administrator user.




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