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Entry  Wed May 26 19:18:09 2010, Hao Huan, High Frequency Input for DRS 
    Reply  Tue Jun 1 13:36:18 2010, Stefan Ritt, High Frequency Input for DRS 
Message ID: 88     Entry time: Tue Jun 1 13:36:18 2010     In reply to: 87
Author: Stefan Ritt 
Subject: High Frequency Input for DRS 

Hao Huan wrote:

Hi Stefan,

    I read in the DRS datasheet that the bandwidth for the transparent mode OUT+ is only 200MHz which I think cannot be improved by any active input buffer; so if you want to operate the chip for really high frequency input, would it be better to feed on-board discriminators not from the output of DRS but from the input end?



First, the 200 MHz is not correct. Table 1 clearly states ANALOG OUTPUTS - Bandwidth (-3dB): 50 MHz. This is also shown in plot 11 (revision 0.9). But that does not necessarily mean that you have to drive your discriminators from the input of the DRS4 chip. If you use this for triggering, a 1-2 ns timing jitter does not matter, since stopping the domino wave anyhow has a 3-4 cell jitter. If you send a very fast signal though a 50 MHz low pass filter, the timing anyhow doe not change, only the slope of your signal gets lower, so you are more sensitive to noise, which in turn causes the 1-2 ns timing jitter. But I personally would not worry about that too much. Putting any signal splitting components in the input path would reduce the input bandwidth, which would be much more of an issue.

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