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Message ID: 9     Entry time: Wed Jun 10 12:46:43 2009
Author: Stefan Ritt 
Subject: Input range switch added in Version 2.1.3 

 A new software verison for the DRS4 Evaluation Board has been has been released. Version 2.1.3 adds a switch for the input range of the DRS4 board. Once can choose between -0.5V...0.5V and 0V...1V:


A board firmware update is not necessary for this. It was originally planned to have even a negative range -1V...0V, but this is not possible with the current board design. People who want to record negative pulses have to use an inverter to produce positive pulses. In a future version of the board it might be possible to include this functionality since this is determined by the analog front-end and not the DRS4 chip.

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