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  683   Wed May 2 10:44:17 2018 Alessio BertiPeak at 0 mV in tracesHi,

we modified drs_exam.cpp to read
all 4 channels from the DRS4 and apply directly
  685   Wed May 2 12:23:16 2018 Alessio BertiPeak at 0 mV in tracesHi,

thank you for the quick reply.
All the bins in the previous histograms have
  691   Tue May 8 12:15:54 2018 Alessio BertiPeak at 0 mV in tracesHi Stefan,

following your example, we tried
to perform the same measurement, using drs_exam
  696   Mon May 14 09:21:29 2018 Alessio BertiWIndows Connection problem with drs507 SOLVEDHi,

I have a machine with Windows 10
and the solution provided by Steven works
  805   Thu Dec 17 09:29:43 2020 Alex Myczkodrs sources on github?Are there plans to add the drs software to
github? (asking because I have users @ethz.ch
that want to use it on debian,
  863   Tue Feb 15 11:59:22 2022 Alex Myczkoapt install drs4ebdrs4b is now officially on these distributions:


  549   Wed Oct 26 21:15:35 2016 Alexey LubinetsProblems with DRS command lineHello, everybody

I have installed the software for the DRS4
  567   Thu Nov 24 00:40:38 2016 Alexey LubinetsPLL did not lockHello, everybody!

I installed DRSosc and DRScl. Command
line works normally (at least, it can "see"
  570   Mon Nov 28 16:48:15 2016 Alexey LubinetsPLL did not lockThe serial number is 2586. This board is
about two years old, and it might be in use
(but I do not know exactly).
  753   Thu Jun 20 01:36:48 2019 Andrew PeckEvaluation firmware wait_vdd stateDear Stefan,

I am working with others at UCLA
on a custom made board built around the DRS4.
  755   Mon Jun 24 23:07:35 2019 Andrew PeckEvaluation firmware wait_vdd stateDear Stefan, 

Thanks so much for clarifying this.
We made wait_vdd a parameter controlled by
  168   Sat Jun 23 00:29:52 2012 Andrey Kuznetsovtriger for measuring time between pulses in channels


  243   Wed May 8 06:07:52 2013 Andrey KuznetsovDRS4 v2.0 Eval Board running on higher versions of DRS Oscilloscope programHi,
I have an old v2.0 board that I just
upgraded firmware on using v4.0.0 download
  244   Wed May 8 19:50:01 2013 Andrey KuznetsovDRS4 installation on Windows 8 issuesI'm also
having trouble installing drivers and running
DRSOsc program on another computer running
  279   Thu Jul 25 01:31:29 2013 Andrey KuznetsovEvaluation Board Behavior


  289   Wed Aug 28 13:07:51 2013 Andrey KuznetsovSome bug fixes and questions  For http://www.psi.ch/drs/DocumentationEN/manual_rev20.pdf:
0 0x02 15..8 board_type 5 for DRS4
USB Evaluation Board 1.1 ---> should instead
  290   Thu Sep 5 10:01:00 2013 Andrey KuznetsovSome bug fixes and questions#11 0x080589de in DRSBoard::GetWave (this=0xb7456008,
chipIndex=0, channel=0 '\000', waveform=0x40f24000,
responseCalib=true, triggerCell=207, wsr=0,
  291   Mon Sep 9 06:49:36 2013 Andrey KuznetsovSome bug fixes and questionsThe DRSCallback *pcb is
missing an if statement in the code when
DRS Oscilloscope software isn't used when
  293   Wed Sep 11 02:41:28 2013 Andrey KuznetsovUSB connection stopsHi,

although I don't have a chance to test your
  130   Fri Sep 16 22:06:07 2011 Andriy Zatserklyaniycompilation error for version 4.0.0 on linuxHi Stefan,
When I compiled DRS4 software version
4.0.0 on Linux (Debian Squeeze) I got this
ELOG V3.1.5-fc6679b